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Genesis - The Andromeda Connection

What is ascension? Who are we? Where do we come from? What is our purpose? These are the primary questions the human race asks.

The Ancients believed the universe consists of multi-dimensions. Quantum physics today is showing serious consideration of this theory. It is believed that there are ascending levels of consciousness associated with multi-dimensionality. Advancing to a higher level of consciousness / higher dimension may be considered ascending.

Understanding the world around us through knowledge, meditation and/or brain synchronization and resonance, is the beginning of the ascension process.

Everyone wants inner peace. It is the lack of inner peace that causes hatred and violence. For thousands of years various disciplines have structured long studies, mentoring, and meditations of some sort to achieve the goal of inner peace. Most of these disciplines are found in eastern cultures. The fast-paced western society has shown little interest in them, with some small exceptions. What is the solution? The solution or part of the solution is to develop a methodology that comprises of technology and some aspects of the various disciplines that will be useful and of interest to people in western society.

Almost everyone in western society has a cell phone with a camera, which makes photography easy. Photography is a tool used in this methodology to to explore what people feel inside. Any camera or cell phone can be used. What are you called to photograph? What emotions does the photograph bring to the surface? How does it make you feel?

Mindfulness and control of Ego Control Battles are another tool that is used to understand and improve interactions with others.

BrainicityTM Brain Synchronization and Resonance technology is used in this methodology to calm the mind and develop interactions between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Or, one can use meditation or both.

Dr. Allocca is a medical research scientist and biophysicist with many years of personal experience in photography and with some knowledge of Buddhism and Yoga.

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Genesis - The Andromeda Connection (Full Color Book)

Dr. John A. Allocca, Copyright 2024
ISBN 9798878905374
358 - 6" x 9" pages

The journey through time and space for beings from the Andromeda Galaxy who have come here to teach.

Table of Contents:
    Chapter 1 - Jack and Robin at Dinner
    Chapter 2 - Whirling Towards Earth
    Chapter 3 - Robin is Sick
    Chapter 4 - Lemuria
    Chapter 5 - Robin and Jack Begin Their Journey
    Chapter 6 - Zartoz in Jack in the 20th Century
    Chapter 7 - The 20th Century Continues
    Chapter 8 - Did Jack Fail?
    Chapter 9 - Avalon
    Chapter 10 - The Age of Aquarius
    Chapter 10A - Introduction
    Chapter 10B - Awakening
    Chapter 10C - Consciousness
    Chapter 10D - Mindfulness and Ego Control Battles
    Chapter 10E - BrainicityTM Brain Synchronization and Resonance - The Next Step In Human Evolution
    Chapter 10E - Photography - A Path to Healing
    Chapter 10E - Perspective of the Earth and the Universe
    Chapter 10F - Time and Space
    Chapter 10G - Theory of Universal Relativity - The Coexisting Multiple Time State Principle
    Chapter 10H - The Electromagnetic Spectrum
    Chapter 10I - Music and Nature
    Chapter 11B - The Flower of Life (Ancient Theory of Creation)
    Chapter 12 - The Healing Hand
    Chapter 12A - Developing the Geometry for the Merkaba
    Chapter 13 - Teach The Chakras
    Chapter 13A - The Chakra Energy System
    Chapter 14 - Unadulterated Truth
    Chapter 14A - The Merkaba Manifestation
    Chapter 15 - The Dream
    Chapter 16 - Maybe There Still Remains Some Secrets...

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Eighteen Steps to a Healthy Life

Dr. John A. Allocca
ISBN: 978-1496020369
Library of Congress Control Number 2012909125
300 - 6" x 9" pages

This book has something for everyone. From eating healthy to migraine to diabetes. Learn the eighteen steps to a healthy life.

Table of Contents:
    About The Author
    Step 1 - Water
    Step 2 - Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates
    Step 3 - Balancing Carbohydrates
    Step 4 - Dietary Rotation
    Step 5 - Fresh, Whole, Living Food
    Step 6 - Digestive Enzymes
    Step 7 - Caffeine
    Step 8 - Low Glycemic Index Food
    Step 9 - Eicosanoids
    Step 10 - Intestinal Dysbiosis
    Step 11 - Detoxification
    Step 12 - The Physiological Effects of Emotional Stress
    Step 13 - Exercise
    Step 14 - Preventing Migraine, Depression, Carbohydrate Craving, and Other Serotonin and Norepinephrine Disorders
    Step 15 - Preventing and Controlling Diabetes
    Step 16 - Photography - A Path To Healing
    Step 17 - Brain Biofield Enhancement
    Step 18 - Healthy Gourmet Recipes (Gluten and Gluten Free)

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Introduction to Astronomy and Photography (Black and White Book)

Dr. John A. Allocca, Copyright 2017
ISBN 978-1547107346
240 - 6" x 9" pages

This book covers the basics of astronomy and photography

Table of Contents:
Part 1 - Astronomy Basics
    Learning Astronomy
    Binocular Collimation
    Telescopes and Spotting Scopes
    Field of View
    Light Gathering
    Tripods and Mounts
    Polar Alignment with an Equatorial Mount
    Star Charts for the Northern Hemisphere
    Moon Phases
    Perspective of Earth and the Universe
Part 2 - Photography Basics
    Photography Basics
    Backyard Bird Photography
Part 3 - Astrophotography and Observing
    Astrophotography Basics
    DSLR Astrophotography
    A Beginner’s Guide to Imaging the Moon
    Solar Imaging and Observation with White Light Filtration
    Solar Imaging and Observation with Hydrogen Alpha Filtration
    Tracking and Stacking Images
    Smart Imaging Telescopes

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Institute For Advanced Consciousness

The purpose of the Institute For Advanced Consciousness is to provide spiritual teaching and practice to all interested people. The Institute For Advanced Consciousness is a non-denominational, religious non-profit organization.

The teaching and training programs are designed to assist each individual to reach his/her fullest potential, and to discover and fulfill their purpose in life. These teachings will consist of sermons, lectures, study groups, classes, open forums, religious services, and retreats.

The purposes of the Institute For Advanced Consciousness is to reach out to the population of people who have little or no spiritual association for various reasons such as: they may be unfamiliar with their religious background, they may have been discouraged by parents forcing them to practice a particular religion, they may have found aspects of a particular religion undesirable to them, they may have simply drifted away from their religion, they may not be inspired to believe in the divine, and for various other reasons. Whatever their reason, the Institute For Advanced Consciousness may provide new hope to guide them in finding some aspect of spirituality that feels comfortable for each individual, and ultimately a happier life. The Institute For Advanced Consciousness may also be helpful to those who wish to supplement the knowledge of their own religious beliefs and practices. The Institute For Advanced Consciousness is organized to provide the followers with constant spiritual growth experiences and to discover aspects of your own religion as well as other religions, philosophies and practices.

Membership is free and without any obligation. If you are a qualified minister, you will receive an ID card.

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